Virat Kohli Fitness Routine-: We know Virat Kohli is fit. He has no smoking or drinking habits for better Stamina and regular focus during the workout. He routinely practices Yoga. Virat also maintains his condition and performs at a high level.
Virat continues at the gym. he follows a 5-day workout with a 2-day rest. He is a determined sportsperson. Virat has strong muscles.
His daily warm-up routine routine workouts such as Cardio and Stretching.

Virat Kohli Daily Diet

He is captain of the Indian national cricket team and he is an Indian International cricketer. He always follows a well-balanced diet. Virat away from gluten and Sugar. He is focused on the inclusion of healthy carbs in his diet. Virat is to avoid eating junk food. His diet plan involves various protein-rich food and love soups, lightly sauteed vegetables, and salads. Protein food always helps in muscle building.

Virat always prefers to drink high-quality mineral water which is the reason he stays away from born diseases and health issues. His diet changed to maintain his strength throughout the day. He eats many small meals in the day. Virat includes a lot of fresh and seasonal fruits such as Papaya, dragon, and watermelon.

Virat is having home-cooked meals and consumes around 3 major meals in a day. He has preferred veganism for the last few years and also worked in his favor. Virat stays from having animal products such as chicken, meat, fish, milk, and honey. Virat’s favorite foods such as Watermelon and Papaya.

Virat Kohli Breakfasts Routine

Virat pays attention to his food to keep healthy and fit. According to Kohil, he starts his day with an omelet. He made up of three egg whites and one whole egg. His usually include Papaya, dragon fruit, and Watermelon at the last end he drinks a large pot of green tea with lemon. Virat carries nut butter and cheese for some good fats.

Virat Kohli Breakfast
Virat Kohli Breakfast

The Secret Recipes Behind Virat Kohli’s Favorite Lunch Dishes

He usually does not carry a heavy breakfast and always goes with grilled chicken, veggies and mashed potatoes, spinach. His doctor suggests that dinner should always be light and he eats then is a lot of seafood. His wife and wife eat dal, roti, and sabzi for lunch. He eats nuts, brown bread, and sweets at lunch and ends with a protein shake.

The Secret Recipes Behind Virat Kohli's Favorite Lunch Dishes
The Secret Recipes Behind Virat Kohli’s Favorite Lunch Dishes

Virat Kohli’s dinner or do you have a specific question in mind?

His dinner is very simple and short. Virat Kohli prefers dal, roti, and green leafy vegetables. He drinks black water to keep himself fit. He eats fresh and home-cooked food. Virat is not shy of eating food but he is not a food junkie.

Virat Kohil dinner
Virat Kohli dinner

Virat Kohli Fitness Routine, exercise

His workout routine is very simple. but is not easy. It is important for him to make sure that his training program is well-rounded. This means that it focuses on building strength and muscle, while also improving cardiovascular endurance. Additionally, the program should aim to enhance overall flexibility, mobility, agility, and athleticism. He goes to the gym for about 5 days a week and works out for two hours each day
Virat Kohli’s different training styles such as:

  • Weight Training
  • Cool-Down
  • Cardio
  • Physical Activities
  • Olympic lifting
  • Pushups
  • Pull-ups
  • Glute ham raise
  • Single leg dead etc.


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Virat Kohli Weight

He always plays some sports to be physically active and always avoids junk food as much as possible. Virat is always focused on building your stamina while exercising rather than losing weight. His current weight is 69 Kg. Virat reduced weight in the next three months and reduced 12 kg.

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