Quezon City Health Card – How to Get a Health Certificate?

Quezon City Health Card – How to Get a Health Certificate?: Regardless of their job title, individuals involved in the management and operation of a business are awarded a health certificate upon meeting all conditions established by the Quezon City Health Department.

In this article, We are going to discuss Quezon City Health Card and its elements through this article. Therefore, all the citizens who are seeking to get health certificates must check out this article till the end.

Quezon City Health Card - How to Get a Health Certificate?
Quezon City Health Card – How to Get a Health Certificate?

Quezon City Health Card Requirements

  • Order of Payment Form (can be secured at the QCHD Sanitation Division)
  • Health Certificate Application Form (can be obtained from QCHD Sanitation Division)
  • Mucus and stool test result form (can be saved in the QCHD clinical laboratory)
  • Proof of valid HIV Seminar (Original copy)
  • Additional Requirements for Applicants Under the Age of 18
  • Original copy of Birth Certificate
  • Written consent of parent/guardian
  • Original valid ID card of the consenting parent/guardian
  • Health certificate, official receipt of laboratory tests, and payment of HIV seminar fee.

Order payment from the QCHD-Environmental Sanitation Division Office and receive application forms for health certificates.

Quezon City Health Card Process

At the cashier in the City Treasurer’s Office, pay the processing charge listed below:

  • Health Certificate Processing Fee – P75.00
  • Laboratory Fee:
  • Sputum test – P97.00
  • Stool Exam – P40.00
  • HIV Seminar Fee – P50.00

Submit laboratory samples (sputum and feces). The clinical laboratory will validate the sample.

The applicant will schedule and attend HIV Seminar (Note: The applicant will skip this stage if a valid HIV Seminar Certificate is presented).

How to Apply for Quezon City Health Card?

Request lab results and health certificates from the QCHD Clinical Laboratory and HIV Seminar Room’s release clerk.

  • A health permit application is available in Quezon City. Get a Health Card Application Form (for Individuals) from the Sanitation Division Office, fill it out, and submit it with all the necessary paperwork.
  • Obtain a pay order, and then pay P194.00 at the City Treasurer’s cashier for your health card.
  • Go to Windows 1 or 2 to provide samples of your sputum and stool for laboratory analysis. You can give sputum and stool samples to the city health department or any other reputable lab.
    Gather data in window 3.
  • You must attend a lecture on HIV/AIDS if this is your first application (new application). Choose from one of the five programs offered each day at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 1:30, or 3:00.
  • Get your health card photo taken at the health department.
    your health card, please.

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