Planetary Health Report Card

Planetary Health Report Card – Planetary Health Alliance: The Planetary Health Report Card (PHRC) Health project was started in 2019. For the objective of assessing and enhancing planetary health content, professional schools have been formed under this type of system. All participating universities’ student-led faculty mentoring teams compile report cards, note areas for development, and get in touch with faculty. The Earth Day report is published each year with its findings. Since its founding, the PHRC has quickly grown to assess more than 100 medical schools across 11 nations.

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Planetary Health Report Card - Planetary Health Alliance (1)
Planetary Health Report Card – Planetary Health Alliance (1)

What Are The Objectives of Planetary Health

The phrase “planetary health,” which is relatively new, refers to the idea that, over the long run, human well-being depends on the health of living and non-living systems, including the Earth. “The health of human civilization and the natural systems upon which it depends” is the formal definition of planetary health.

Planetary Health Alliance

In order to understand and address climate change and its effects on health, more than 350 universities, non-governmental organizations, and research institutions worldwide have joined forces to form the Planetary Health Alliance.

Planetary Health Alliance Education

Instructing the education of global citizens, practitioners, and professionals who are capable and prepared to confront the complex planetary health concerns of our world today is the goal of the Planetary Health Education system. All humans are motivated by The Structure to build, repair, maintain, and safeguard healthy ecosystems in order to sustain a functioning human civilization.

Planetary Health Alliance conference

The Planetary Health Alliance will enable scientists, students, members of civil society, artists, legislators, business leaders, and others to confront these complex relationships, find solutions, and develop the necessary skills for action and change from October 31 to November 2, 2022. 5th Planetary Health Annual Meeting, organized to develop (both physically and virtually).

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