Ontario Health Card

Ontario Health Card is about paying for various health services you actually need. Citizens need to apply and, once your card is approved, You will get an Ontario Health Card. Your Ontario Health card shows that you are covered by Ontario Health Care Plan. Therefore, you need to carry it whenever you visit your doctor or have medical and Medical Emergencies.

In addition to issuing birth, death, and marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, health cards, outdoor cards, and proof of age cards, ServiceOntario also provides other government services.

Ontario Health Card,
Ontario Health Card,

You can get a new card if yours has been damaged, lost, or stolen. You must visit a ServiceOntario location with the completed Registration for Ontario health insurance coverage form in order to do this.

Ontario Health Card Eligibility

Tourists, ex-parties, and visitors to the province whose primary residence is outside of Ontario are not entitled to Ontario Health Insurance coverage.

During each 12-month period, an OHIP-eligible resident may remain outside of Ontario for up to 7 months while still keeping their OHIP coverage.

  • You need documentation from IRCC attesting to the granting of your emergency authorization and specifying how long it will last.
  • Following establishing residency in Ontario, you must spend 153 of the first 183 days physically present in the province.
  • You must spend at least 153 days physically present in Ontario during each subsequent 12-month period.

Ontario Health Card Renewal

You must have a licensed Ontario doctor or nurse practitioner fill out a Health Card Medical Exemption Request form if you are unable to visit a ServiceOntario center due to a medical condition.

To renew your health card, you can fill out and mail a medical exemption request form, or have someone go to ServiceOntario on your behalf.
If you have any inquiries about renewing your health insurance with a medical exemption, contact ServiceOntario.

Ontario Health Card Fee

The Ontario Health Card is absolutely free of charge, and it will take one to two weeks to arrive after being sent to you.

OHIP Waiting Period 2023

The OHIP waiting period is no longer in effect. You will have rapid access to health insurance if you are qualified.

Ontario Health Card Appointment

Service Two separate methods—”Book an appointment online” and “Book an appointment by phone”—can be used to schedule an appointment in Ontario. When you schedule an appointment, you will get an email with information on the location and the time and date of your appointment.

You can obtain a birth certificate, driver’s license, license plate, health card, plate sticker register, and more at Service Ontario.

How To Apply for Ontario Health Card?

  • To begin with, you must go in person to a ServiceOntario location to apply for OHIP.
  • Following that, you will need to bring the following documents:
    a form for Ontario health insurance coverage that has been completed
  • Three different identification documents—not photocopies—from the list of acceptable identification documents are acceptable:
  • An original document demonstrating your Canadian citizenship or immigration status with OHIP eligibility
  • A proof of residence in Ontario document (original, printed, or digital/electronic document on the list)
  • A genuine document demonstrating your identity.

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