Intellicare Health Plans

Intellicare Health Plans and Health Cards, Coverage: Intellicare has been established to lead, innovate and advance a holistic perspective to healthcare management. As a First Choice HMO, all our endeavors and aspirations will be to consistently comply with the highest level of ethical and performance levels, guided by Intellicare Company’s longstanding principles of integrity, fairness, honesty, hard work, and an enduring spirit of humanity.

Intellicare Health Plans: Keeping this commitment in mind, the goal will be to uphold everyone’s right to health by making quality healthcare efficient, accessible, affordable, and compassionate. As per official figures, Intellicare has over 43,500 affiliated doctors and specialists in our nationwide network.

Intellicare Health Plans and Health Cards, Coverage
Intellicare Health Plans and Health Cards, Coverage

Intellicare Benefit Coverage

  • Preventive Healthcare Maintenance Services
  • Out-Patient Care Services
  • In-Patient Care Services
  • Emergency Care Services
  • Additional Benefits
  • Latest Modalities
  • Dental Care Services (Optional Benefit)
  • Financial Assistance

Intellicare Health Plans

Intellicare Health Plans: Intellicare company offers two different plans as per customer requirements such as the SME Fit Plans and Corporate Plans. Firstly, we will discuss SME Fit Plan and then we move to the second one which is Corporate Plan.

Intellicare SME FIT Plans

In this plan section, you can promote your business and employees with a plan suitable for your team.

Intellicare Corporate Plans

In this plan segment, You can do your company and people a favor by choosing a flexible plan for your staff members.

Intellicare Individual Plan Pricing

Intellicare Individual plan rates are not fixed. But it can be calculated on the basis of some asked information. Hence, people who are in search of Intellicare individual plan rates can contact the customer care helpline.

How To Make Intellicare Member Registration?

  • First of all, Customers need to visit the main web page i.e.
  • After that, Scroll Down the screen and click on “Get a Customized Plan
  • Now a complete form format will display on your system screen.
  • Thereafter, You have to fill out the form one by one correctly.
  • Once Recheck your form and click on the verification ” IM Not Robot”.
  • Now click on the “Send” button.
  • After that, Your Intellicare Customized Plan form will be submitted.
  • You will be confirmed via Email and by Calling, where you can complete your plan process.

Intellicare Contact Number

You can speak to one of our Customer Service Specialists through telephone number (02) 789-4000 or (02) 902-3400.

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