BC Health Card 2023- How To Get BC Services Card?: From May 1, 2022, British Columbia (BC) Maintained Status Holders may qualify for a temporary MSP while awaiting a new work or study permit; for further details, see Maintained Status Holders. Returning citizens, permanent residents, and visitors who enter Canada via CUEAT are exempt from the 3-month waiting period for MSP Coverage.

The price of the Necessary Medical examination is now reimbursed if you are a member of the Medical Services Plan and have a Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel document.

BC Health Card 2023
BC Health Card 2023

Individuals who are registered in MSP and are required to pass the exam or diagnostic tests won’t be charged as of October 1, 2022.

You can send the receipts and a request for a refund if you’ve already paid for and completed your medical test. You can get the form to request compensation at.

BC Health Card Coverage

The provincial health insurance program known as MSP covers necessary medical care. These include dental and oral surgery performed in hospitals, eye exams when medically essential, and some orthodontic procedures. Medically necessary services are offered by doctors and midwives. MSPs also cover the cost of diagnostic procedures like X-rays.

BC Health Card Benefit

Benefits are:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Supplementary Health Care Benefits
  • Extra Billing

Medical Service Plan (MSP)

The Medical Services Plan covers hospital-based dental or oral surgery, as well as other medically essential services provided by doctors and surgeons, for eligible B.C. For residents.

In Canada, eligible citizens have access to public health insurance. The provincial health insurance program is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) is the name of public health insurance in British Columbia. It pays for insured doctor services that are required for medical reasons.

Who can Apply for BC Health Card?

  • A citizen of Canada or someone who has obtained legal permanent residency there in BC I construct my home.
  • In a calendar year, physically BC for at least six months.
  • B.C. resident who meets the requirements (a Canadian citizen or someone legitimately admitted to Canada for permanent residence). Only leaving is allowed for a total of seven months of leave in a calendar year.

How To Recieve BC Services Card?

It takes about 30 minutes to finish the online form. Until you close your browser window or submit the form, your entries will remain saved on the computer or device you are currently using.

  • On paper, you can also submit an application by mail:
  • Obtaining BC Health and Drug Coverage Application
    Send the filled-out form to:
  • Health Insurance PO Box 9678 Stn. Prov. Gov. Victoria BC V8W 9P7 BC Medical Services Plan/Fair PharmaCare
  • Make sure you submit your form with all necessary supporting documentation.

Renew MSP Card Online

In the event that your MSP Card expires, is lost, or is stolen, you can renew it.

  • First and foremost, call the ICBC Driver Licencing Centre as soon as you can to report your missing card.
    (1 800 950-1498 elsewhere in BC) (Victoria) 250 978-8300
  • If you do not have a photo on your BC Seva Card, call the Lower Mainland at (604) 683-7151.
    The toll-free number for British Columbia is 1 (800) 663-7100.
  • Keep Keep in mind that there is no price for renewal.

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