10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: It can seem overwhelming when you’re trying to find time to exercise. Here are some tips I give to my physical therapy patients…and how I manage to keep moving.

I understood. We’ve all said, “Who has time to exercise when you’re…”?

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: Just fill in the blanks: Working parent, night shift worker, entrepreneur, student, traveling person, or parent who stays home with kids to make ends meet. You’re not alone in wondering how to incorporate exercise into your day.

As a mom and physical therapist who has my own business, I have to schedule my exercise — otherwise, it won’t happen.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life
10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

Over the past 11 years, I’ve realized that the I-work-out-later approach doesn’t work for me. I have to take time out of my day to exercise so that I can stay fit and maintain my health and strength.

And here’s another tip: Try adding in some bonus activities throughout the day and week to keep your body moving. Just a few extra minutes of speed here and there really adds up over time.

Here are 10 ways to fit more movement into everyday life, without taking much time out of your busy schedule!

1. Take the Stairs

I know. It’s so boring, and you’ve heard it a million times. Still, it’s one of the best tips for a reason.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator raises your heart rate, helps with balance, and improves lower-extremity strength. If you’re feeling fresh and have a few minutes, you can also do some heel raises from the side of a stair for shin strength, or go up two stairs at a time.

Skip the lift, your body and heart will thank you.

2. Incorporate Walking Meetings

If you work from home or have switched to virtual conference calls, schedule a walk during one call per day.

If you don’t need to stare at a screen while looking at a spreadsheet, plug in your headphones, keep your phone in your pocket, and solve the world’s problems on the go. It’s a great way to mix up your daily routine.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: If you work in an office, go to your one-on-one meetings. Running together increases team engagement and can lead to better ideas. Research shows that walking increases creativity and mental acuity ( 1Trusted Source, 3Trusted Source ).

3. Lunge it Up

I do this a lot, and sometimes I get looked at as funny, but hey – I’m a busy woman, and my time is precious!

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: When you’re shopping, try holding the cart and pacing the aisles of the supermarket. The cart provides a good balance point, and you can get about 10-20 lunges at a time, depending on how long your supermarket’s aisles are. Go for it, it’s amazingly fun!

4. Sit on an Exercise Ball

Replace your office chair with a stability ball. This can help with back pain and help improve posture, and while sitting on the ball, you can do some light mobility stretches for your neck, pelvis, and spine.

Try a hula-hoop motion and tuck and untuck your pelvis to help activate your core stabilizers. If you want to add some abdominal work, you can also try marches or other exercises while sitting on a ball — all while sitting at your desk!

5. Park far Away

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: Although we need to be safe and mindful of our surroundings, if you’re in a safe and well-lit area, consider parking farther away from the entrance to wherever you’re going. Adding a few minutes of walking time here and there can increase your daily step count over time!

6. Have More Sex

Yes, you are welcome. Some older research suggests that sex burns calories at a rate of about 3.1 calories per minute for women and about 4.2 calories per minute for men (4Trusted Source).

Although it’s not the same as vigorous jogging, you can (of course) work up a sweat during sex. Have fun, try new positions and techniques, and connect with your partner by moving more.

7. Foster a Pet

Our local shelters and other adoption agencies are always looking for volunteers to help. Take the family to a shelter and volunteer to walk some of the dogs.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: You get a chance to increase your time outside, help a dog and your community, teach your kids about caring for others, and spend some quality family time staying active and getting your body moving. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

8. Have a Dance Party

Clear the furniture out of the room and put on some tunes. You can do this while cooking dinner, folding laundry, or vacuuming.

Dancing is a great way to burn calories and work on your balance and coordination. Also, you can make it a game or competition with your kids. They need to learn about ’80s rock, don’t they? Put on some ACDC (or whatever gets your feet tapping) and shivers.

9. Switch Up Your Game Night

During your next family game night, swap out the card or board games for active games.

Here is a list to refresh your memory: hide and seek, kick the can, scavenger hunt, twister, freeze dance, potato sack race, donkey tails, musical chairs, hopscotch, jump rope, hula hoop contest, Limbo… The games you used to play as a kid are just as fun to play now.

These types of games can be played with people of any age, either indoors or outdoors. My family had a blast playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey and a Freeze Frame Dance Party, and afterward, we were all sweaty and tired.

10. Exercise or Stretch during TV Time

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: I know this goes beyond all canons of “spare and cool”, but hear me out. Walk on a treadmill, use a stationary bike, stretch on the floor, use weights for upper and full body strengthening, or do Pilates during your next Netflix session.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: If you watch a 30-minute show and keep moving the entire time, that’s 30 minutes of exercise you haven’t done before! You can even narrow it down to where the ads come in if that sounds like a good place to start.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: Keep your exercise equipment near your “binge-watching” spot, and do some bodyweight exercises or even foam rolling during your show. Just a few repetitions of bicep curls, tricep presses, or arm raises with light hand weights will make a huge difference in your arm strength, posture, and well-being.

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life: This is especially true for women, who have a higher risk of osteoporosis. Incorporate weight training into your routine to keep your bones healthy and strong ( 5Trusted Source ).

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